About Our Shop

The Rockhound Lounge shop is a place to find unique mineral specimens, gemstones, and rough for jewelry or lapidary work. They're perfect for beautify your home and placing them where they can be admired. If you have any questions about any of the specimens send email to scott@rockhoundlounge.com.

North Carolina Minerals

Most if not all of these minerals will have been found by myself or my rockhound friends in North Carolina. These are the product of many thousands of hours of prospecting, hiking, and digging throughout all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. A combination of skill, luck, and outright persistence was needed to bring these beautiful North Carolina specimens to light where you have the opportunity to own some yourself.

World Wide Minerals

In the World Wide Minerals section you will find minerals from around the world. Fascinating and exotic mineral specimens are a must for any serious collector. Don't forget to peruse this section even if just to look at them for their intrinsic beauty.